[Grml] Typo or missing feature and a basic question

ha hiei.arhiva at gmail.com
Tue Mar 4 13:50:08 CET 2014

On 03/03/14 23:19, Andreas "Jimmy" Gredler wrote:
> On 03/03/2014 03:09 AM, ha wrote:
>> I'm new to grml so please excuse me if this on wrong list or similar.
> You're pefectly right.
>> Recently I've tried to install debian using grml and I found something
>> that could be a typo:
>> Line 136 of config file:
>> # Run scripts from /etc/debootstrap/pre-scripts/ after setting up chroot.
>> Shouldn't it state "/etc/debootstrap/scripts/" ?
> Yes, thank you. This typo was already fixed but did not yet make it into
> the stable repository. A new grml-debootstrap package is available in
> the grml-testing repository.
>> In config file I've found extrapackages, but on the man page of
>> grml-debootstrap there is no option extrapackages. Is this
>> intentionally? This option is not implemented or simply not documented?
> The man page lists /etc/debootstrap/extrapackages/ in the FILES section
> and describes its purpose. But there is no option to switch off
> installing extra packages. This is by intention. You can always set the
> variables before calling debootstrap, e.g.:
> EXTRAPACKAGES='no' grml-deboostrap ...
> (or just leave the extrapackages directory empty)
>> Additionally , I would be grateful for a help on how to use scripts from
>> "scripts" direcotry. My plan was to add a script to compile a program
>> (for instance dwm), however I was unable to achieve this. I'm unsure if
>> this is feasible at all, and whether I'm positioned at the right
>> directory (or how to check that). I invoked command with the -d flag:
>> grml-debootstrap -d FILE
> Scripts in the scripts directory are executed after the chroot was built
> and exited. I think you are looking for
> /etc/debootstrap/chroot-scripts/. Scripts in this directory are executed
> in the chroot, which is basically your new Debian installation.

Ok. Consider that the chroot target directory is mounted ant 
/mnt/target/, and /mnt/config/ is a directory contianig configuration 
files, among others config file, and chroot-scrips/ directory.
Now, let's invoke grml-debootstrap with -d flag, e.g. grml-debootstrap 
-d /mnt/config. Now, my root directory (/) is /mnt/target/ actually, so 
/mnt/config/ is unreachable, but nevertheless /mnt/config/chroot-scripts 
are still going to be invoked, right? However, I should not reference 
any file from /mnt/config in them, as anything there is unreachable. 
Therefore, (for example) to compile some source code I should copy 
relevant files from /mnt/config/ to /mnt/target/ in advance? Perhaps 
this could be done with pre-scripts? Did I get this right? It's not like 
/mnt/config passed with the -d flag is mounted (or copied) to 
/etc/debootstrap where the default configuration residues.

>> Finally, I have troubles at debugging debootstrap stages. If someone
>> would show me how to do that, perhaps I could solve the previous problem
>> by myself. I've read somewhere about install_notes file that could be
>> used for this, but I haven't found much on it - assuming that I
>> understood that correctly.
> You can have a look at grml-debootstrap itself, which is a shell script.
> There you're gonna see in which order the functions are called. I think
> in your case the relevant information is, that grml-debootstrap calls
> debootstrap to build a chroot and calls the script
> /etc/debootstrap/chroot-script which setups additional stuff in the
> chroot. So if you want to modidy your new Debian installation you should
> do it in the chroot. The other scripts are run before the chroot is
> created and after the scripts exits from the chroot. HTH
> greets Jimmy
Yes, it helps. Thanks.
In addition, I would ask is there a common way to log the output/error 
of the (grml-)debootstrap procedure, to see at which stage exactly a 
warning or an error occurred?

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