[Grml] Typo or missing feature and a basic question

Andreas "Jimmy" Gredler jimmy at grml.org
Mon Mar 3 23:19:56 CET 2014

On 03/03/2014 03:09 AM, ha wrote:
> I'm new to grml so please excuse me if this on wrong list or similar.

You're pefectly right.

> Recently I've tried to install debian using grml and I found something
> that could be a typo:
> Line 136 of config file:
> # Run scripts from /etc/debootstrap/pre-scripts/ after setting up chroot.
> Shouldn't it state "/etc/debootstrap/scripts/" ?

Yes, thank you. This typo was already fixed but did not yet make it into 
the stable repository. A new grml-debootstrap package is available in 
the grml-testing repository.

> In config file I've found extrapackages, but on the man page of
> grml-debootstrap there is no option extrapackages. Is this
> intentionally? This option is not implemented or simply not documented?

The man page lists /etc/debootstrap/extrapackages/ in the FILES section 
and describes its purpose. But there is no option to switch off 
installing extra packages. This is by intention. You can always set the 
variables before calling debootstrap, e.g.:
EXTRAPACKAGES='no' grml-deboostrap ...
(or just leave the extrapackages directory empty)

> Additionally , I would be grateful for a help on how to use scripts from
> "scripts" direcotry. My plan was to add a script to compile a program
> (for instance dwm), however I was unable to achieve this. I'm unsure if
> this is feasible at all, and whether I'm positioned at the right
> directory (or how to check that). I invoked command with the -d flag:
> grml-debootstrap -d FILE

Scripts in the scripts directory are executed after the chroot was built 
and exited. I think you are looking for 
/etc/debootstrap/chroot-scripts/. Scripts in this directory are executed 
in the chroot, which is basically your new Debian installation.

> Finally, I have troubles at debugging debootstrap stages. If someone
> would show me how to do that, perhaps I could solve the previous problem
> by myself. I've read somewhere about install_notes file that could be
> used for this, but I haven't found much on it - assuming that I
> understood that correctly.

You can have a look at grml-debootstrap itself, which is a shell script. 
There you're gonna see in which order the functions are called. I think 
in your case the relevant information is, that grml-debootstrap calls 
debootstrap to build a chroot and calls the script 
/etc/debootstrap/chroot-script which setups additional stuff in the 
chroot. So if you want to modidy your new Debian installation you should 
do it in the chroot. The other scripts are run before the chroot is 
created and after the scripts exits from the chroot. HTH

greets Jimmy

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