[Grml] Typo or missing feature and a basic question

ha hiei.arhiva at gmail.com
Mon Mar 3 12:09:53 CET 2014

I'm new to grml so please excuse me if this on wrong list or similar.

Recently I've tried to install debian using grml and I found something 
that could be a typo:
Line 136 of config file:
# Run scripts from /etc/debootstrap/pre-scripts/ after setting up chroot.
Shouldn't it state "/etc/debootstrap/scripts/" ?

In config file I've found extrapackages, but on the man page of 
grml-debootstrap there is no option extrapackages. Is this 
intentionally? This option is not implemented or simply not documented?

Additionally , I would be grateful for a help on how to use scripts from 
"scripts" direcotry. My plan was to add a script to compile a program 
(for instance dwm), however I was unable to achieve this. I'm unsure if 
this is feasible at all, and whether I'm positioned at the right 
directory (or how to check that). I invoked command with the -d flag:
grml-debootstrap -d FILE

Finally, I have troubles at debugging debootstrap stages. If someone 
would show me how to do that, perhaps I could solve the previous problem 
by myself. I've read somewhere about install_notes file that could be 
used for this, but I haven't found much on it - assuming that I 
understood that correctly.

Thanks in advance.

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