[Grml] Updating USB stick with persistency option?

Charles Alan Hewson cahewson2003 at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 27 16:33:21 CET 2012

Hi all,

Persistent boot option works and with grml2usb I have not needed to change the other related partitions. You may need to remove the "=nofile" as that was removed in upstream.
Some of docs you find on web are proposals and may not be in upstream or grml-autoconfig (http://live.debian.net/devel/rfc/persistence/).

persistent-encryption=luks works in daily snapshot I am testing. This can keep live-rw and home-rw more private and secure. Think lost USB. I do not expect GRMLCFG to support luks.

Be aware live-rw and home-rw at this testing do not do compression. The docs indicate live-sn and home-sn will but I have not gotten to testing that feature.

The information at http://wiki.grml.org/doku.php?id=persistency is good.

--- On Mon, 2/27/12, Stefan Weiss <weiss at foo.at> wrote:

> From: Stefan Weiss <weiss at foo.at>
> Subject: [Grml] Updating USB stick with persistency option?
> To: grml at ml.grml.org
> Date: Monday, February 27, 2012, 6:24 AM
> Hello.
> I'm trying out to the persistency feature for the first
> time. I had a
> 4GB USB stick lying around, so I'm following the example in
> the wiki
> more or less verbatim.
> What I'm wondering is, can this USB stick be updated when
> the next Grml
> version is released? 

Yes as long as bootable partiton is sized large enough.

> Up until now, there was never any user
> data on the
> stick (or CD), but now there could be something worth
> preserving in
> $HOME. I'm not sure how exactly the persistency snapshots
> work, but I
> guess simply running grml2usb with the new ISO won't be
> enough.

grml2usb will only affect the bootable partition and mbr. If you create a completely new stick you will have to create others manually.

> It's no big deal if an update isn't possible. I'll expect
> there will
> only be a couple of shell scripts and .debs in my $HOME, and
> I can
> easily transfer them to a different partition before
> updating. If that's
> the case, should I wipe the home-rw, live-rw, and GRMLCFG
> partitions
> when I install the new ISO?

I have not needed to wipe but do need to update things for newer packages in release.

> Thanks,
> stefan
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