[Grml] Updating USB stick with persistency option?

Stefan Weiss weiss at foo.at
Mon Feb 27 15:24:38 CET 2012


I'm trying out to the persistency feature for the first time. I had a
4GB USB stick lying around, so I'm following the example in the wiki
more or less verbatim.

What I'm wondering is, can this USB stick be updated when the next Grml
version is released? Up until now, there was never any user data on the
stick (or CD), but now there could be something worth preserving in
$HOME. I'm not sure how exactly the persistency snapshots work, but I
guess simply running grml2usb with the new ISO won't be enough.

It's no big deal if an update isn't possible. I'll expect there will
only be a couple of shell scripts and .debs in my $HOME, and I can
easily transfer them to a different partition before updating. If that's
the case, should I wipe the home-rw, live-rw, and GRMLCFG partitions
when I install the new ISO?


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