[Grml] How are blind grml users handling currentweb technologies?

Christian Hofstaedtler ch at grml.org
Wed Nov 2 18:23:00 CET 2011

* John G. Heim <jheim at math.wisc.edu> [111102 17:24]:
> From: "Christian Hofstaedtler" <ch at grml.org>
> To: <grml at ml.grml.org>
> >speakup kernel modules and espeakup have already been removed in
> >the daily builds; they will not make
> >it into the next release.
> Okay, now I'm unclear as to why this is. The original post said the
> grml developers don't want to do anything half baked. But including
> speakup & espeak isn't doing it half baked. That's just mainstream.
> You don't need to do anything fancy anymore to provide
> accessibility.

The speakup kernel modules are indeed not mainstream; we have to
build them separately from the main kernel. We're currently looking
to remove all external modules, if possible.

> I mean, I can see dropping that script you used to supply that
> started software speech. I could never remember what to type so I
> always just started speech myself at the command line.

It also needs space on the ISOs. Every release the ISOs grow larger
and we have to drop stuff. Besides that we also have to do testing
and/or deal with bug reports, etc. If there's a problem in unstable
with this software, we'd also have to deal with that (uninstallable
or something).

> Maybe the
> grml developers are under the impression that blind people don't use
> grml. I don't think that's true. In fact, there seems to be several
> of us blind people on this list. For every one of us, there are
> probably dozens or hundreds of others.

We don't think nobody uses this. On the other hand we clearly see
that none of the developers has personal use for accessibility, and
we do not receive contributions (development and QA) from this user


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