[Grml] Trying to boot grml ISO image with grml-rescueboot fails

Andreas Gredler jimmy at grml.org
Fri Feb 18 17:55:37 CET 2011

On Fri, Feb 18, 2011 at 08:24:20AM +0100, Frédéric Boiteux wrote:
> 	Hello,
>  loopback loop "/boot/grml/grml-medium_2010.12.iso"
> telling it doesn't find this file. I think the 'root' setting is
> missing, and as I have before Grml a grub menu entry to boot a Windows
> partition, the last root setting isn't the right one.

Could you please post your grub.cfg.

> I've manually set 'root' and then I finally got a new menu, from GRML,
> and then I tried the 'forensic mode', as I didn't want GRML using my
> swap partition (I had an hibernated system there), but the debian-live
> system didn't work. I don't have any clue here as the 'debug' variable
> wasn't set (and so /live.log was empty), but I'll retry this when I
> have some spare time).

What did not work? It didn't boot? What was the last visible message?

greets Jimmy

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