[Grml] grml as host system

Ulrich Dangel mru at grml.org
Thu Dec 29 20:18:41 CET 2011

* Philippe Delavalade wrote [29.12.11 14:25]:
Hi Philippe ,
JFTR we are currently discussing our decision regarding the brltty boot
option. We just discovered that the bootoption was for example already
according to http://mielke.cc/brltty/guidelines.html Christan
Hofstaedtler reported
http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=653587 while
investigating the current state of brltty in Debian.

One small question does brltty really supports configuring itself via
the bootoption? Do you need any parameters like -b -d or -t at all if
you specify the brltty boot option in the commandline?

> I don't agree :-) For me, it is simpler to use grml2iso one time :
> grml2iso -b "my boot options" -o grml_brl.iso grml_2011.05.iso
> and then, there's nothing to do !

JFTR you can still do it:

1) Create a directory named /tmp/grml_overlay We will use grml2iso to
copy the content of this directory to the iso.
2) Create a directory named scripts inside /tmp/grml_overlay and create a script named grml.sh inside the directory (/tmp/grml_overlay/scripts/grml.sh)
3) Inside the script run the necessary commands to start brltty
4) run 

grml2iso -b "boot options scripts" -c /tmp/grml_overlay -o grml_brl.iso grml_2011.05.iso

The important option here is the scripts bootoption which will
automatically run scripts/grml.sh at startup. This allows you to
automatically start brltty on your own. The -c bootoption copies the
content from the specified directory directly onto the iso image
containing your script which will start brltty.

mkdir "$OVERLAY_DIR"
mkdir "$OVERLAY_DIR"/scripts
vi "$OVERLAY_DIR"/scripts/grml.sh
chmod 755 $OVERLAY_DIR"/scripts/grml.sh
grml2iso -b "boot options scripts" -c /tmp/grml_overlay -o grml_brl.iso grml_2011.05.iso

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