[Grml] grml as host system

Philippe Delavalade philippe.delavalade at sfr.fr
Thu Dec 29 18:07:45 CET 2011

Le jeudi 29 décembre à 15:22, John G. Heim a écrit :
> From: "Philippe Delavalade" <philippe.delavalade at sfr.fr>
> To: <grml at ml.grml.org>
> >I don't agree :-) For me, it is simpler to use grml2iso one time :
> >
> >grml2iso -b "my boot options" -o grml_brl.iso grml_2011.05.iso
> >
> >and then, there's nothing to do !
> Well, you are free to disagree, of course. But you should explain
> why you disagree. What is easier about doing things the old way? The
> way it works now is you wait for the tone, press q, and type
> 'brltty'. There is less to type and you don't have to worry about
> timing. How is the old way easier?

Maybe my english is too bad :-)

I type one grml2iso command ; I burn a CD and then, on aech boot, I have
exactly nothing to do.

Ph. Delavalade

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