[Grml] grml as host system

Ulrich Dangel mru at grml.org
Thu Dec 29 18:56:46 CET 2011

* William Gardella wrote [29.12.11 18:49]:
> Philippe,
> In addition to the option of remastering Grml with the tools you need,
> it can also be used as a "persistent" live system, with the
> modifications to the live filesystem saved to a partition or snapshot
> file, e.g. on a usb drive.  This is what I would probably do to
> save my work over a days-long project such as building LFS; in fact, I
> have used Grml persistent systems for weeks or months.
Especially with persistency i see no need to add these packages to the
list. You install it once and the changes are written to your usb stick
- including the additional packages.


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