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In addition to the option of remastering Grml with the tools you need, it can also be used as a "persistent" live system, with the modifications to the live filesystem saved to a partition or snapshot file, e.g. on a usb drive.  This is what I would probably do to save my work over a days-long project such as building LFS; in fact, I have used Grml persistent systems for weeks or months.

Hope this helps.

On Dec 29, 2011 12:13 PM, Philippe Delavalade <philippe.delavalade at sfr.fr> wrote: 

Le jeudi 29 décembre à 14:21, Ulrich Dangel a écrit :

> * Philippe Delavalade wrote [29.12.11 13:17]:

> > > > Now, I realise that the new grml is nomore suitable as host system to build

> > > > linuxfromscratch ; previously I recommanded it as livecd for this purpous

> > > > but now, important packages are missing...

> > > 

> > > Which packages exactly are missing?

> > 

> > For instance : bison, m4, texinfo, etc.


> You must download the sources for your LFS system anyway. So typically

> you have a working network connection and can install the packages

> anyway. If we have snapshot.d.o URIs in the sources.list you can do that

> without updating your whole system. So i don't see any reason to ship

> these packages.

Yes but sources can be download with any system (not necessarly a linux

one) ; the most important is that the lfs build is long and often people

stop and restart later ; so, they'll have to update each time the missang

packages. And, one time, I have built on a computer with no network but it

was a long time ago and the lfs livecd was uptodate ; now, there's nomore

specific lfs livecd...


Ph. Delavalade


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