[Grml] grml as host system

John G. Heim jheim at math.wisc.edu
Wed Dec 28 17:33:01 CET 2011

I don't understand why you think removing the brltty boot option is so bad. 
As a fellow blind systems administrator, that makes little sense to me. Its 
easier to start brltty after booting is finished. Otherwise, you have to get 
the timing just right.  With the latest grml release, you don't even have to 
guess when booting is finished. It plays a tone when its done. So wait for 
the tone, press 'q' to quit the quick help menu, and type 'brltty'.

The only reason why starting brltty at the isolinux prompt could be 
important is if you need access to the boot messages. But if you really need 
access to the boot messages, you can use a serial console. And if you 
really, really need braille during the boot process, you can always make 
your own CD via grml-live.

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> Hi.
> I have already complain about the removal of the brltty boot option in the
> new release.
> Now, I realise that the new grml is nomore suitable as host system to 
> build
> linuxfromscratch ; previously I recommanded it as livecd for this purpous
> but now, important packages are missing...
> It's sad.
> -- 
> Ph. Delavalade
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