[Grml] Let me reframe the question, then I'll go join the devel list...

Christian Hofstaedtler ch at grml.org
Wed Dec 28 22:11:44 CET 2011

* Tom {Tomcat} Oehser <tom at toms.net> [111228 20:21]:
> On Wed, Dec 28, 2011 at 04:32:46PM +0100, Christian Hofstaedtler wrote:
> > This is exactly the problem. By your common sense, we should not
> > have released 2011.12 at all, and probably just stopped releasing
> > completely.
> Or, slow drastically.  Just release kernel upgrades with new hardware.
> Occaisional enhancements.  Stop following busy upstreams.  Freeze a lot.

That is exactly what we've done.

(Note that we can't just keep the packages at an old version as the
release is always based on top of Debian testing/unstable.)


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