[Grml] Let me reframe the question, then I'll go join the devel list...

Ulrich Dangel mru at grml.org
Wed Dec 28 16:57:29 CET 2011

* Tom {Tomcat} Oehser wrote [28.12.11 14:28]:
> But, I think it is fair to re-frame the question, in a _rescue_ context.
> So the question is, we've been talking about what 11.12 removes.  For
> _rescue_, what does it _add_ over 11.5?  EFI boot support is a candidate
> for something that would matter, but cleanup, mDNS, auto-startups, build
> stuff for grml, zsh config, terminal fonts, etc . - doesn't really matter.
First of all it is not only about rescue but also installation. Meaning
mDNS can be quite useful for remote access the machine itself.

The other things are mainly to make the environment viable and enhance
it. Sure we could have removed iceweasel completly (which we did btw. in
one version) but we re-added it.

> For me personally, I use grml for rescue and reformats and recoveries.
> Often I boot virtual machines with it, also, to do something-or-other
> to a copy of a running machine.  I'm not kidding that the most common
> thing I do boils down to chains of netcat/tar/cpio/lzop/gzip/buffer/nc
> to move around disk images or virtual machines, and having both buffer
> and lzop even considered for removal gives me pause that maybe this tool
> is going in a direction different than what my uses and needs are.
I personally never used lzop. And you can work without buffer as you
said before. And I immediatly added lzop after you complained. I don't
see that your requirements are totally different than our direction.

> to become active, is more driven by idle curiosity and a desire to support
> the tool than it is by common sense.  Common sense for me would be, 2011.05
> ain't broke and I'm unlikely to have hardware in the next 5 years that cares
> for newer kernels.  Common sense would be to slide the write protect tab on
> a few USB sticks and figure you've painted your masterpiece and it is done.
That is always a valid option.

> The question is, what reasons are there to upgrade?  Aside from it
> being smaller and advantages arising directly from it being smaller?
Never change a running system -> None. If you don't need anything/want
any changes from the current Grml version none. Though if you stubmle
upon a bug we may need you to upgrade to the latest version ;0


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