[Grml] grml as host system

Philippe Delavalade philippe.delavalade at sfr.fr
Thu Dec 29 14:25:06 CET 2011

Le mercredi 28 décembre à 17:33, John G. Heim a écrit :
> I don't understand why you think removing the brltty boot option is
> so bad. As a fellow blind systems administrator, that makes little
> sense to me. Its easier to start brltty after booting is finished.
> Otherwise, you have to get the timing just right.  With the latest
> grml release, you don't even have to guess when booting is finished.
> It plays a tone when its done. So wait for the tone, press 'q' to
> quit the quick help menu, and type 'brltty'.

I don't agree :-) For me, it is simpler to use grml2iso one time :

grml2iso -b "my boot options" -o grml_brl.iso grml_2011.05.iso

and then, there's nothing to do !

> The only reason why starting brltty at the isolinux prompt could be
> important is if you need access to the boot messages. But if you
> really need access to the boot messages, you can use a serial
> console. And if you really, really need braille during the boot
> process, you can always make your own CD via grml-live.

Yes but this is more complicated than using one command with grml2iso.


Ph. Delavalade

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