[Grml] Kernel configuration PREEMPT

Lars-Erik Helander lehswe at gmail.com
Sun Mar 8 16:50:07 CET 2009

I have been using grml for a couple of days and I am very happy with it so
The reason I started to use grml was that I discovered that the grml kernel
was configured with the PREEMPT option.
This makes it suitable for audio applications and even if the preempt
characteristics you get with an RT-kernel is "better" the PREEMPT option of
the vanilla kernel seems to be "good enough".
With grml I get both a system that is easy to configure to me needs, boots
off a USB stick and has a PREEMPT kernel :).

I have looked at most distros out there and it is very rare to find ones
that comes with a PREEMPT kernel as standard, so this makes
me wonder why the grml team choosed to provide PREEMPT as a standard
Anyone that knows this and wants to share why grml is using a PREEMPT
Going forward, will the PREEMPT configuration option remain as standard in
grml or might that just suddenly change?

Kind Regards

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