[Grml] Kernel configuration PREEMPT

Michael Prokop mika at grml.org
Thu Mar 12 22:43:25 CET 2009

* Lars-Erik Helander <lehswe at gmail.com> [20090308 16:50]:

> I have been using grml for a couple of days and I am very happy with it so
> far.
> The reason I started to use grml was that I discovered that the grml kernel
> was configured with the PREEMPT option.
> This makes it suitable for audio applications and even if the preempt
> characteristics you get with an RT-kernel is "better" the PREEMPT option of
> the vanilla kernel seems to be "good enough".
> With grml I get both a system that is easy to configure to me needs, boots
> off a USB stick and has a PREEMPT kernel :).


> I have looked at most distros out there and it is very rare to find ones
> that comes with a PREEMPT kernel as standard, so this makes
> me wonder why the grml team choosed to provide PREEMPT as a standard
> configuration.
> Anyone that knows this and wants to share why grml is using a PREEMPT
> kernel?

Well, we are using preempt because it's "the right way to go" and
worked reasonable well (well, we had some issues regarding the
speakup kernel modules but the problems seem to have been fixed in
recent versions of speakup). :)

> Going forward, will the PREEMPT configuration option remain as standard in
> grml or might that just suddenly change?

As long as we don't experience any serious bugs or reasons to change
this behaviour preempt will stay the default in grml's kernel, yes.

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