[Grml] Bug with setting passwords when installing using grml2hd and grml-debootstrap

Michael Prokop mika at grml.org
Sat Jun 13 20:45:05 CEST 2009

* Michael Whapples <mwhapples at aim.com> [20090613 12:58]:

> I noticed that yesterday when I did an install of debian using 
> grml-debootstrap it seemed to fail to set the password of the root 
> account, it seemed to just print out the help message of the chpasswd 
> command. This was using grml installed on a USB drive using grml2usb and 
> the ISO image of grml 2009.05. I also encountered the same when I did 
> the grml2hd installation using the RC2 CD. The only way I was able to 
> log in to the installed system was to boot grml again, mount the drive 
> where I had done the installation and remove the x from the password 
> field of the /etc/passwd file and then reboot back to the HD 
> installation and log in without a password and then set a new password 
> (there may be another way but this is the one I am certain of).

Yeah, this is due a very annoying (and stupid, as in: no clean
upgrade path) change in chpasswd.

> This seems like a critical bug to me as by default it seems grml2hd and 
> grml-debootstrap leave the installed system unuseable.

This issue has been fixed within grml2hd for the stable release.
I'll take care of if for grml-debootstrap, it's recorded as
http://bts.grml.org/grml/issue692 - thanks for the report.

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