[Grml] I got Espeakup finally to work

Michael Whapples mwhapples at aim.com
Tue Jun 2 15:23:44 CEST 2009

Before saying yes, I will just state I need to learn about debian 
packaging. The only debian packages I have created have been on my own 
python packages using stdeb. Any guides you would suggest for debian 

Also I will briefly mention a little about myself.

I do use speakup (I have an apollo synth on my desktop and for my laptop 
I use software speech output with espeakup). I also have a Braille 
display which I use brltty with.

My view on accessibility is that where ever possible it should be in the 
main distro and easy to get running. When I say easy to get running I 
realise it can't be fully automatic on a CD such as GRML as not all 
users want it, but ideally giving the swspeak command at the boot prompt 
should be enough for software speech to come up working for the user 
with all language settings as they gave (IE. if the console shows german 
then speech should be german). On this topic it is something I never 
really worked out, why does GRML require me to type swspeak once booting 
finishes as surely the start up script which gives the speech messages 
(eg. "software speech has been enabled, type swspeak once booting 
finishes" or something like that) could run the swspeak command for me. 
Related to this, when I do grml2hd the HD installation when it starts 
will not come up automatically speaking, even if I used swspeak for 
install. This has caught me and I think others out in the past, as the 
instructions from the speech messages tell you type swspeak once booting 
finishes but the HD installation puts you at a login screen so you need 
to log in first.

So I am saying yes at the moment, but I would like to know fully what is 
involved before saying yes for definite.

Michael Whapples

On -10/01/37 20:59, Michael Prokop wrote:
> * Michael Whapples<mwhapples at aim.com>  [20090528 12:28]:
>> Good to hear you've got it working. While you didn't ask for it, I can
>> imagine it would be useful, would you like the swspeak script to
>> identify your language and start espeakup with the correct -V option? My
>> idea is that all this stuff should be as transparent to the user as
>> possible (IE. you've set your language, the console may be using your
>> language, so why should you need to set extra for your speech to speak
>> your language). Or would it be better to be an espeakup enhancement to
>> auto detect your language? If I get time I may look at this.
>> Any thoughts, personally I would have thought espeakup would be the
>> better place although swspeak script may be easier for me to modify.
> grml has all the relevant options for handling language stuff, so if
> espeakup just needs to be started with some special options when
> using german settings (using lang=de) with swspeak this shouldn't be
> a big deal, yes.
> Michael, you seem to be very good at all the swspeak/espeakup/...
> related stuff. Are you interested in helping us in better
> integration of swspeak/espeakup/... at grml? I don't have any active
> developers working on accessibility in grml (so far I'm doing all
> that stuff on my own), so I'd highly welcome you as a contributor.
> regards,
> -mika-

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