[Grml] some questions.

Dietmar Segbert didi.segbert at arcor.de
Sun Jan 18 14:11:00 CET 2009

for a time i have installed the grml 1.1 on two harddisk and onto a usb- 
stick (GB). With the commands aptitude update and aptitude safe-upgrade i  
look for the newest program-updates.

But now i have some questions:

What is the sudo password for the first User, i mean the user, that tehe  
grml2hd-script will create (i have changed the configfile for my needs).

How can i upgrade from grml 1.1 to grml 2008, especielly the kernel and  

What can i do to become a better performance on my usb-stick, shall i  
create a fstab for my needs, so that the temoraryfiles are into the ram  
and so. Are there any examples.

After updating/upgrading with aptitude and the end of the procedur im  
become an error "update-initramfs can not create/update initrd ..., use -t  
switch". Shall i use the command update-initramfs -d -t to fix this or is  
there a configfile?

If i log in as user x and start lynx, surf with lynx to an audiostream  
(mp3/rm or so) or to an internetradiostream, the mplayer will start, but  
nothing is to hear, mplayer will stop and lynx is back.
The sound works and if i start the mplayer with the directlink to the  
radiostream, that will work.
Any ideas?

How can i addd old debian packages, especielly i want to use the aqmony  
0.6.3, the openhbci and the libchipcard version, which works with the old  
aqmoney 0.6.3. I have tryied to compile the programs, but the gcc 4.3.x  
will produce a lot of errors and i am not so familiar with c an c++ to fix  
this errors.

thanks for your help.



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