[Grml] some questions.

moss at mythic-beasts.com moss at mythic-beasts.com
Sun Jan 18 13:18:32 CET 2009

Dietmar asked:

1. What is the sudo password for the first User, i mean the user, that tehe
 grml2hd-script will create (i have changed the configfile for my needs).

The password will be the same as the root password, if I understand
your question. See the file /ect/sudoers as root.

2. How can i upgrade from grml 1.1 to grml 2008, especielly the kernel
and  scripts?

If these lines are in /etc/apt/sources.list

  deb     http://deb.grml.org/ grml-stable  main
  deb-src http://deb.grml.org/ grml-stable  main

then you should be able to do

# aptitude search grml
# aptitude install linux-image-2.6.26-grml grml-scripts

or similar to that.

3 4 5 & 6

Can't help sorry.


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