[Grml] How to create custom xorg.conf?

Konrad Schrempf konrad.schrempf at student.tugraz.at
Thu Jan 15 15:05:36 CET 2009


> laptop.  I do see that SHMConfig is already in xorg.conf but it is
> commented.  Any ideas on how to accomplish this?
> Option          "SHMConfig"             "on"

whatever you want to edit, use sed. For example
sed -e 's/\(SHMConfig.*\)\(on\)/\1off/' xorg.conf >xorg_new.conf
to switch an option or
sed -e 's/^#\(SHMConfig.*$\)/\1/' xorg.conf >xorg_new.conf
to uncomment a line.

Have a look at the manual about escaping characters, etc.

> Thanks again.
> glenn greenfield


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