[Grml] Would ssomebody try to include ATI Radeon 9000 series driver to GRML Live CD?

Mgr. Janusz Chmiel chmiel at phil.muni.cz
Thu Jan 15 11:07:47 CET 2009

Dear core developers of GRML,

    I would like to please You, if You could include ATI Radeon 9000 series 
driver to GRML live CD, because GRMLx reported error related to ATI RAdeon 
9000 graphics cart, so i was not able to execute Gnome. I installed Gnome 
successfully, Gnome even tried to automatically start during boot, but error 
messages related to ATI RADEON 9000 series graphics cart appeared, so Gnome 
could not be used. I Am very sad, that there is probably no tool such as 
apt-get or similar tool for downloading and automatically installing device 
drivers in Debian. If there is this script, could somebody give me 
instructions, how to install driver for this graphics cart? GRML is ammazing 
tool, there is even possibility to use utilities for rescue data from 
corrupted partitions, and because fortunately, those tools are console 
based, Yasr, Brltty and Speakup can be used.

Next question.

Could i change GRML language after booting A live CD to Czech unicode, and 
can i switch Espeak synthesizer with Speakup screen reader to Czech 
language? Or core developers of Grml modified source code of Espeak and 
removed code, which could enable users to switch Espeak to other than 
English language?

    I Am aware, that core developers of Grml specially prepared this CD for 
text tools user and for system administrators, and that they prepared this 
distro for Xwindow and other included Window managers, and that using Gnome 
after installing GRML to A hard drive is experimental approach. I think, 
that grmlx script is working without errors, grml2hd also worked fine. But 
in A specific hardware configurations, user will have to download driver for 
his specific device, this is common for all operating systems.

Thank You for Your answers.

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