[Grml] new possible solution for blind grml users and x programs

Doug Smith dougsmith1 at charter.net
Sat Jan 10 02:21:47 CET 2009

To whom it may concern: 
I have found something that I think shows some promise for use by all
the people who use speakup and do not wish to go to a graphical user
environment in order just to get on line.  

The program is called twin.  This stands for text mode windowing
environment.  It can be found at http://linuz.sns.it/~max/twin/

There is a detailed tutorial as well as a sample configuration file
includєd with the program.  However, it makes little sense to me as I
have no experience configuring x displays.  

What I am trying to do with this programし is to get it to work in the
following way: 

First of all, interact with x programs as it says it will, but with
the result that it will: 
bring the output of those programs back to a reぐular tty display
where speakup is active.  

However, with all the attaching, detaching, running on x servers,
display numbers and the rest, I am totally lost.  

If some person here can help me in configuring this program to work as
a text mode solution to a graphical problem, I will be most greatful.  

Thank you in advance.  

Doug Smith

I use grml (http://grml.org/)

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