[Grml] new possible solution for blind grml users and x programs

moss at mythic-beasts.com moss at mythic-beasts.com
Wed Jan 14 17:08:44 CET 2009


Twin was shipped with grml 1.0 but is not in the latest grml-2008.11.
This means you can install it directly with

root# aptitude install twin

This will come with some form of default configuration for you.

But I'm confused. If you don't want or need a gui then why do you have
to launch one at all? Can you not stay in a login shell and use screen
for multiple windows? Or, if you use emacs, then you can have very
closely similar environments in any situation. That is emacs in the
login shell, on a linux gui and on Windows XP or Vista behave in a
closely related manner. Are the text browsers lynx, w3m, links or
edbrowse not sufficient for what you are doing. w3m in particular has
emacs integration.

Best Wishes

On 10/01/2009, Doug Smith wrote:
I have found something that I think shows some promise for use by all
the people who use speakup and do not wish to go to a graphical user
environment in order just to get on line.

The program is called twin.  This stands for text mode windowing
environment.  It can be found at http://linuz.sns.it/~max/twin/ etc.

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