[Grml] problems with hardware autodetection has been resolved, but ow to install Gnome?

Mgr. Janusz Chmiel chmiel at phil.muni.cz
Mon Jan 5 16:45:32 CET 2009

Dear core developers,

I successfully solved problem with hardware autodetection, but how to install Gnome? Is it possible to install Gnome while installing GRML from A live Cd by using grml2hd script or some programmers limitations are included so Gnome will not be awailable for installation? While i tried to install gnome by using apt-get install gnome

All packages were successfully downloaded from The Interne. But when system displaied retrieving bug reports, the progress came from 0 to 100 percent. But after this, system asked me if i wanted to upgrade somethink, i ansferred yes but after this, apt-get stopped to work, or this operation can take so many minutes? Because i forced terminated by using ctrl c key, i was not able to continue, because when retrieving bug reports appeared, zero percent progress has been displaied and system stopped to work, so i had to terminated apt-get by pressing ctrl c. So. How to install Gnome? 

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