[Grml] Specifying default soundcard for live CD

Michael Whapples mwhapples at aim.com
Tue Apr 28 18:09:35 CEST 2009

Is there any way to set the default soundcard to use on the GRML live 
CD? An example why this might be needed is for those using speakup with 
software speech when the computer has multiple soundcards, in this case 
it is useful that the user can predict which card will be used as they 
require audio output to use the system.

If such a feature doesn't exist I am not fully sure what would be the 
best way to define which card should be default (eg. module used isn't 
unique to the model of card (however ALSA modules can recieve an option 
index=<card number> to set the card as a particular card number, so it 
indicates in the main it is useful enough), but the card name as given 
by ALSA may not be the easiest thing to know). Any thoughts?

Michael Whapples

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