[Grml] Can Grml tell (and repair) what Fedora did?

Hubert Gabler loipersb at aon.at
Mon Apr 27 10:53:42 CEST 2009

Dear experts,

I have a mini-notebook Acer One with Linpus Lite installed. Playing 
around with this nice little toy I successfully installed Ubuntu 9.04 
(replacing Linpus) and on USB-sticks Debian Live and grml 2008.11-rc1. 
Everything worked perfectly.

Then I wanted to install Fedora 10, which semmed to take more time than 
expected and so I left the Acer unattended over night. Next day the 
display was frozen and I tried to reboot with the Grml-USB-Stick. 
Booting stopped quite soon, telling me "This grml image failed to boot" 
and "No supported filesystem images found at /live". Then came the 
prompt (initramfs).

Hopefully I tried the (previoulsy working) Debian Live Stick. Same 
thing, booting stops at (initramfs).

Now I decided to start from scratch and made a new setup with Acer's 
recovery disk. System works fine, but Grml and Debian Live still end 
booting with those error messages.

Can it be that the unsuccessfull Fedora installation damaged for 
instance the buit-in RAM or did other nasty things? Can I find out with 
help of Ubuntu or Grml 1.1 (works both from CDROM and from a USB-stick) 
what is the reason and how to return to the original state?

Thankful for any help,

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