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Michael Prokop mika at grml.org
Fri Nov 14 12:28:09 CET 2008

* martin yazdzik <myazdzik at verizon.net> [20081108 15:04]:

> The really good news is that now my dell latitude d830 boots and runs
> from the live cd, no problems.

> Now, like many dell, hp products, the lovely, incomparable, almost
> Kaerntnerisch' bcm 4300 series chips still really need ndiswrapper,
> which means the last three lines of a blacklist are ssb, b43, b44.  

> Now, for the terminally stupid amongst us, to wit me, is there an init
> script which we could call, either on the live cd or once installed, to
> make it possible for the really large numbers of bcm prisoners to run
> ndiswrapper without a lot of trouble.  The reason I ask is that in using
> the live disk to work on these kinds of laptops for administrative
> purposes(in other words, non IT workers screw something up ;) ) only one
> "blacklist=blahblah" seems to work at boot of the live cd.  This means
> that the very first commands, after happy hacking must be rmmod blah
> blah, which is find, unless a yazdzik forgets so to do.  

> Thus, we need a grml script to use ndiswrapper which rmmods the
> offenders, grml-screwbcm or something that, useable at startup.
> Or not, as the case may be.

I personally don't own hardware that needs to run under ndiswrapper,
so *I* can't bring up such a helper script, sorry. :)

If you provide me the according command lines to get the bcm chips
working with ndiswrapper I could add it to grml-tips if you think
that would be a benefit for an easier copy/paste setup. ;)

> Thanks, Mika and friends for another superb job.

Thanks for your feedback.

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