[Grml] ssb as usual

martin yazdzik myazdzik at verizon.net
Sat Nov 8 14:05:47 CET 2008

Dear Friends at grml,

The really good news is that now my dell latitude d830 boots and runs
from the live cd, no problems.

Now, like many dell, hp products, the lovely, incomparable, almost
Kaerntnerisch' bcm 4300 series chips still really need ndiswrapper,
which means the last three lines of a blacklist are ssb, b43, b44.  

Now, for the terminally stupid amongst us, to wit me, is there an init
script which we could call, either on the live cd or once installed, to
make it possible for the really large numbers of bcm prisoners to run
ndiswrapper without a lot of trouble.  The reason I ask is that in using
the live disk to work on these kinds of laptops for administrative
purposes(in other words, non IT workers screw something up ;) ) only one
"blacklist=blahblah" seems to work at boot of the live cd.  This means
that the very first commands, after happy hacking must be rmmod blah
blah, which is find, unless a yazdzik forgets so to do.  

Thus, we need a grml script to use ndiswrapper which rmmods the
offenders, grml-screwbcm or something that, useable at startup.

Or not, as the case may be.

Thanks, Mika and friends for another superb job.

Best wishes,

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