[Grml] grml release candidate 1 of version 2008.11

Michael Prokop mika at grml.org
Tue Nov 4 17:40:24 CET 2008


I'm proud to be able to present release candidate 1 of the upcoming
stable release 2008.11 - available in all the different grml flavours.
New features? Tons of new features! Including an update of
grml-small - and we even provide a 64bit version of grml-small now!

Release Notes for grml 2008.11[-rc1] - codename "Schluchtenscheisser":


Disclaimer: The release notes for the other flavours aren't
available yet, but the most important stuff can be found in the
above release notes anyway.

The following flavours are available from the devel directory of
grml's mirrors:

  grml_2008.11-rc1.iso           667M
  grml-medium_2008.11-rc1.iso    178M
  grml-small_2008.11-rc1.iso      75M
  grml64_2008.11-rc1.iso         687M
  grml64-medium_2008.11-rc1.iso  187M
  grml64-small_2008.11-rc1.iso    77M

Grab them from one of our mirrors: http://grml.org/download/#mirrors

Known issues of 2008.11-rc1 can be found at:


Please report any bug you notice so we can provide stable releases
to you soon!


Enjoy grml!

 http://grml.org/            # Linux for texttool-users and sysadmins
 http://wiki.grml.org/       # share your knowledge
 http://grml.supersized.org/ # the grml development weblog
 #grml @ irc.freenode.org    # meet us on irc
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