[Grml] [grml] grml 1.1 shutdown will fail

Michael Prokop mika at grml.org
Mon Mar 10 18:31:29 CET 2008

* Michael Wittke <miw at ra-lwb.de> [20080310 17:46]:

> I have just downloaded the grml 1.1 iso und burned a live cd for playing
> a little bit with your nice tool. The cd starts and everything works fine. 
> There also is no fault, when I start the cd with the grml testcd boot option. 
> My PC has an ASUS Mainbord with an Intel Pentium III Processor.

> When I shutdown the PC (with shutdown -h now) the PC will hang when
> the cd is ejected and I have to disconnect the power to be able to
> restart the PC. I have no idea what went wrong. 

> On the monitor are the following error massages:

>  end-request: I/O error,dev hdc, sector 114876
>  hdc: tray open
>  (there are a lot of this massages with different sector numbers)

>  SQUASHFS error: Unable to read fragment cache block [2918b2b]
>  SQUASHFS errror: Unable to read page block 2918b2b, seize 5811

>  /etc/init.d/halt: line 65: /sbin/halt: cannot execute binery file

>  INIT: no more process left in this runlevel.

>  Any suggestions how to solve the problem?

Looks like some sectors on the CD are defect.
Please check the CD with 'readcd -c2scan ...'
- see http://wiki.grml.org/doku.php?id=problems

The sysrq magic might work around your issue anyway,
try pressing "Alt + SysRq (Print Screen) + S U B".

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