[Grml] [grml] grml 1.1 shutdown will fail

Michael Schierl schierlm at gmx.de
Mon Mar 10 18:40:14 CET 2008

Michael Wittke schrieb:

> When I shutdown the PC (with shutdown -h now) the PC will hang when
> the cd is ejected and I have to disconnect the power to be able to
> restart the PC. I have no idea what went wrong. 

It cannot find the "halt" binary because you already removed the CD.

Workarounds: Use noeject bootoption (so that the CD is not ejected 
before reboot), or ensure that you have called the reboot or halt binary 
(depending on what you want to do) immediately before shutdown, for 
example by using "halt" or "poweroff" instead of
"shutdown -h now". or by calling it "halt --help", so that it is still 
in disk cache.

The same applies for "reboot" vs. "shutdown -r now".

Hope that helps,

(yet another) Michael

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