[Grml] Setting up grub into lvm and a suggestion

Cleverson clever92000 at yahoo.com.br
Fri Jun 6 04:40:04 CEST 2008


I suggest, if possible, that grml2hd detects automatically other OSes on
the hard disk and sets up lilo/grub accordingly during the installation.

Here I have Windows XP on the first partition - /dev/sda1 - but I don't
know how to deal with lilo.

I was thinking that grml2hd would prompt me for choosing grub instead of
lilo, but it didn not, perhaps because I've installed grml onto a
logical partition ?

I know how to setup grub for dual-booting and for booting Linux into a primary partition.
I guess that setting it up on a logical partition is somewhat different,
since I have typed "root(hd0,5)" at the grub console in order to setup the root
device to /dev/sda6, and grub has returned "unknown filesystem type".

Does anyone have any tip for me?



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