[Grml] voxin on grml 1.1?

Josh jkenn337 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 31 18:19:29 CET 2008


Once I can get this grml linux installed to the hard drive, can I?
1. remove the x-windows graphical environments because I don't need them.
2. remove all applications I don't need.
3. install voxin for use with speakup or brltty.
4. set up my wireless USB adapter so I can have internet access in grml 
5. if I want x-windows gui, can I install gnome desktop with orca and use 
that? ubuntu doesn't want to work on here, so maybe gnome then will work 
with grml1.1?
6. once I got it all customized, including having automatic speech at 
startup, could I use some grml text-based software could to make my own 
custom linux live-cd/install cd? oh and I read that for text-mode 64mb of 
ram is recommended so this grml would work great on legacy machines, also. 
and doubleTalk hardware speech only costs $200 or so. so that's not bad 


email: jkenn337 at gmail.com
msn: kenn6498ku at hotmail.com

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