[Grml] voxin on grml 1.1?

Scott Berry n7zib at northlc.com
Wed Dec 31 22:46:54 CET 2008

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I'll take a stab at this. 

1.  Yes you may remove the gui interface but last time I ran GRML it
didn't have a gui interface so that shouldn't be a problem.

2.  You may install any text based software you like.  If I remember
correctly GRML is based off Debian so you might want to use apt-get,
aptitude as your source package front ends.  You may also use dpkg but
it's a little more trickier to use because there is a lot of command
line switches which you can enable.

3.  As far as wireles I have not a clue.

I use Ubuntu here with Gnome and just compiled Orca with Grade II
braille support.

On Wed, 2008-12-31 at 12:19 -0500, Josh wrote:
> Hi,
> Once I can get this grml linux installed to the hard drive, can I?
> 1. remove the x-windows graphical environments because I don't need them.
> 2. remove all applications I don't need.
> 3. install voxin for use with speakup or brltty.
> 4. set up my wireless USB adapter so I can have internet access in grml 
> command-line?
> 5. if I want x-windows gui, can I install gnome desktop with orca and use 
> that? ubuntu doesn't want to work on here, so maybe gnome then will work 
> with grml1.1?
> 6. once I got it all customized, including having automatic speech at 
> startup, could I use some grml text-based software could to make my own 
> custom linux live-cd/install cd? oh and I read that for text-mode 64mb of 
> ram is recommended so this grml would work great on legacy machines, also. 
> and doubleTalk hardware speech only costs $200 or so. so that's not bad 
> either.
> Josh
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