[Grml] Installing grml on a USB Flash Drive

Mathew Brown mathewbrown at fastmail.fm
Fri Nov 23 15:25:34 CET 2007

Hi Mika,

  So what you're saying is that it's on the to-do-list or that it's
  already been done?  I've read about the save-config part, but that
  it's really what I was asking about (although it's very nifty).  What
  I was interested in is booting up grml from my USB flash drive, having
  it write all changes to ramdisk (including any package installations
  and temporary files) and then telling grml to submit the changes to
  the USB drive if I want them to be persistent (such as package
  updates).  Can this be done?  Thanks for your help.

> > >   I know that you can install grml easily on a usb flash drive and was
> > >   wondering if grml has any special options for flash drives
> > >   installation, as, from my understanding, flash drives have a limited
> > >   number of write and erase cycles before failure.  Does grml allow you
> > >   to write all hard disk changes to RAM (in a ramdisk) and then allow
> > >   you to either commit these changes when closing your session?  Does
> > >   grml have any flash-friendly options?  Thanks for your help.
> All write actions are redirected to the ramdisk by default, just
> check out what's unionfs/aufs and how it's used if you are
> interested in the details. If you search for persistent root
> (configuration for example can be stored already using the config
> framework: http://grml.org/config/): that's on our todo list.
> regards,
> -mika-
  Mathew Brown
  mathewbrown at fastmail.fm

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