[Grml] Re: Please test 1.0rc2 usb

Mark 27e3kk302 at sneakemail.com
Fri May 18 22:56:25 CEST 2007

> A release without any errors isn't possible, sorry. :)

Of course.  But this is 1.0.  The bug was reported under 0.9-7 some
while ago and re-tested under 1.0rc2.  Furthermore it has been reported
in the distant past (similar behavior in old grml dev releases).  So, I
did my part as a grml beta tester.

> which affects only specific hardware

Evidence of that claim would be welome, hence my call for testers.  It's
seriously doubtful.  Kernel guys were having problems not long ago with
various other hardware over the same config flag you mentioned.
The flag is still considered experimental among the Linux devs? 
Yesterday/today was the first time grml mentioned it to us...too bad, we
might have helped debug a little more.

> wget $KERNEL.deb

Sure, but then grml repo .debs don't match the kernel version, etc. 
These very same headaches are just pushed to users:

> Changing a
> kernel configuration causing a kernel rebuild for at least 3
> flavours including tons of external modules might bring us many more
> problems than this single one

If the one config flag is the cause, still TBD, then the fix means
changing one experimental/broken flag from Y to N.  Since other linuxes
are using 'N' that seems a safer setting.  If only grml is using 'Y'
then what are grml linux folks doing that needs 'Y' while the other
linuxes manage with 'N'?


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