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Michael Prokop mika at grml.org
Mon Mar 19 13:20:38 CET 2007

* martin yazdzik <yazdzik at nyct.net> [20070319 13:15]:

> We may be making a false assumption that the original writer's bios
> clock is set to GMT.
> If not, setting it to GMT will make chaos for dual booting windows.
> For someone new to the grml way of doing things, one should note that
> during the original install, when asked for a language, the default
> setting US english leaves the time zone as austria(cet).  One must, for
> example,  in NY choose on of the us english settings at the bottom of
> the list, and so on.  

> If this be a dual boot system, and the clock is set to local time, leave
> it and use the grml-setlang command, which sets the locale, or, if one
> need an setup which is not in the locales provided, one can
> edit /etc/default/locale manually.  Obviously, Mika did not set up
> locales there for someone speaking us english located in Kenya, or
> Japanese located in NYC, but these things exist, and living here in NYC,
> I see locales with "non-corresponding" time zones every day.

Martin, thanks for noting that. Are you happy with
http://grml.org/faq/#timezone or is anything missing there which
might be useful for users of grml? Do you miss anything inside
grml-setlang/grml2hd which might improve the situation? Any patches
againgst the documentation (and of course against sourcecode in
general ;)) are highly appreciated from my side, because it's not
that easy to write documentation for users from developers side of

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