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martin yazdzik yazdzik at nyct.net
Mon Mar 19 12:54:45 CET 2007

Dear Friends,

We may be making a false assumption that the original writer's bios
clock is set to GMT.
If not, setting it to GMT will make chaos for dual booting windows.
For someone new to the grml way of doing things, one should note that
during the original install, when asked for a language, the default
setting US english leaves the time zone as austria(cet).  One must, for
example,  in NY choose on of the us english settings at the bottom of
the list, and so on.  

If this be a dual boot system, and the clock is set to local time, leave
it and use the grml-setlang command, which sets the locale, or, if one
need an setup which is not in the locales provided, one can
edit /etc/default/locale manually.  Obviously, Mika did not set up
locales there for someone speaking us english located in Kenya, or
Japanese located in NYC, but these things exist, and living here in NYC,
I see locales with "non-corresponding" time zones every day.

(yes, I did indeed use grml to set up a friends 'locale farsi, tz new
york" laptop a few days ago ;) - welcome to new york....)


On Mon, 2007-03-19 at 10:05 +0100, Michael Prokop wrote:

> * Paul Weaver <iso at isorox.co.uk> [20070319 10:02]:
> > On Mon, Mar 19, 2007 at 09:39:43AM +0100, Michael Prokop wrote:
> > > * coscell at mail.batol.net <coscell at mail.batol.net> [20070319 05:15]:
> > > > After reboot, the system time is always incorrect. How to adjust it? Thank
> > > > you!
> > > http://grml.org/faq/#timezone
> > That page reports
> > > If you change the time (using 'date --set ...', ntpdate,...) it is worth
> > > setting also the hardware clock to the correct time:
> > > # hwclock --hctosys [--utc]
> > However man tzconfig states
> >        --hctosys
> >                      Set the System Time from the Hardware Clock.
> > Which loads the time from hardware. Am I missing something? Shouldn't
> > this read --systohc?
> Ouch, of course - yes. Thanks for pointing, fixed.
> regards,
> -mika-
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