[Grml] grml-quickconfig?

Michael Prokop mika at grml.org
Sun Jan 28 18:07:04 CET 2007

* Michael Schierl <schierlm-public at gmx.de> [20070128 17:55]:
> Michael Prokop schrieb:


> > But if it's a plain script (without ncurses dialog so the bootscreen
> > remains!) we could use it right on zsh invocation on tty1 if someone
> > has to press just enter to skip it.

> It does not use ncurses, but uses some linux-console specific escape
> sequences (that work on screen as well). And yes, it preserves the
> scrollback buffer.

> For skipping, now both "q" and enter work, because I tried to quit it
> with "q" myself a few times (although I have written it...)

> > Nice idea! I'd like to see that in action.

> See the attached file. Tested on grml-0.9 with both framebuffer and vga
> console.

Very cute! Thanks a lot, Michael. I'm just working on grml 0.9-2,
I'll add the script to the home-directory of user root so everyone can
test it in action. I'll work on smooth integration post 0.9-2 then.

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