[Grml] grml-quickconfig?

Michael Schierl schierlm-public at gmx.de
Sun Jan 28 17:46:55 CET 2007

Michael Prokop schrieb:

> Hm, grml-network instead of netcardconfig would be a better choise.

I added both, since grml-network sometimes hangs for a few seconds while
checking the network status (and does not provide a cancel button).

> grml-x shouldn't be run as root, JFYI ;)

I know.

>> I guess even for people that type really fast this is an improvement (if
>> not, it requires a single keystroke to get out) - and even better for
>> those that cannot type that fast (typing »su grml -c 'grml-x fluxbox'«
>> is a bit more than typing »xf«).
> Well, alt-f5 + 'grml-x fl<tab>' works too ;)

I used this as well. But most of the time i just forget to switch
consoles between grml-lang and grml-x, so it does not work (and I have
to retry). Having it both in one menu is easier :)

>> The main question now is if something like that would be included into
>> grml
> grml has the policy to finish booting without a single keystroke.

Which is good (since you don't have to be present while it boots).

> But if it's a plain script (without ncurses dialog so the bootscreen
> remains!) we could use it right on zsh invocation on tty1 if someone
> has to press just enter to skip it.

It does not use ncurses, but uses some linux-console specific escape
sequences (that work on screen as well). And yes, it preserves the
scrollback buffer.

For skipping, now both "q" and enter work, because I tried to quit it
with "q" myself a few times (although I have written it...)

> Nice idea! I'd like to see that in action.

See the attached file. Tested on grml-0.9 with both framebuffer and vga

>> and if yes, what other things to add to it (there are still some
>> keys "free").
> Hm, grml2hd?


I got a private mail asking me whether to use pdmenu instead. My answer
is no, since pdmenu uses ncurses, and requires two keystrokes to run a
command. On the other hand, its predefined menu (which uses the Debian
menu tools) is nice since it contains lots of console tools, so I added
pdmenu (which is already present on grml) to the tools list as well.


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