[Grml] One more question I have to ask, sorry.

Michael Prokop mika at grml.org
Mon Feb 12 09:56:29 CET 2007

* Doug Smith <bdsmith at oralux.org> [20070212 05:15]:

>  It appears to me, and I may be totally wrong, that the
>  mkpersistenthome script does not work.  When I try to make my
>  persistent home directory on the usb device I have, I cannot get past
>  the part of the script where it asks you for the partition to put the
>  image file onto.  How do I move and select the item in the menu for
>  the partition /dev/sda1 and make it go on past that?  

Usually: just use the cursor keys.

But I noticed that mkpersistenthome is not yet adjusted for
fs-labels and does not work reliable in the partition selection
dialog therefore, I've added it to the grml-BTS
[http://bts.grml.org/grml/issue120] and will take a closer look at

>  You have this program called knoppix-mkimage, which allows you to
>  create this kind of virtual hard disk image of your entire system.
>  Then, through the wonders of unionfs, you can have the usb device
>  mounted, boot the cd, and you can have this image where you can
>  install your favorite packages on the hard drive, and the unionfs
>  will bring it all together and put the files into the right
>  directories.  Does grml do this with þhe mkpersistenthome script?

No, not yet. Unionfs was just too unstable for my taste to put any
further work into it. Now as unionfs is getting closer to become
part of mainline kernel it's rated higher on my personal wishlist as well.
I created a wish-request: http://bts.grml.org/grml/issue121

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