[Grml] One more question I have to ask, sorry.

Doug Smith bdsmith at oralux.org
Mon Feb 12 04:58:47 CET 2007

 Ok, let's try this one again.  This time, a little more careful with
 vim and it should be fine.  Now, I believe I can get the vim problem
 solved here.  I will just be careful with it.  I have one more
 question, rather couple of questions to ask about the
 mkpersistenthome script.  
 It appears to me, and I may be totally wrong, that the
 mkpersistenthome script does not work.  When I try to make my
 persistent home directory on the usb device I have, I cannot get past
 the part of the script where it asks you for the partition to put the
 image file onto.  How do I move and select the item in the menu for
 the partition /dev/sda1 and make it go on past that?  
 Now, the only other question I have is this.  I used to use a knoppix
 knock-off.  This is what the Oralux distribution is based on.
 However, there appear to be many more packages here than in this
 version.  The good thing I miss is this: On Oralux, and you can try
 it by downloading the file: 
 You have this program called knoppix-mkimage, which allows you to
 create this kind of virtual hard disk image of your entire system.
 Then, through the wonders of unionfs, you can have the usb device
 mounted, boot the cd, and you can have this image where you can
 install your favorite packages on the hard drive, and the unionfs
 will bring it all together and put the files into the right
 directories.  Does grml do this with þhe mkpersistenthome script?
 Thank you for your information.  I look forward to hearing from you
 about this.  
 Thank you.  
I use grml (http://grml.org/)

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