[Grml] vim, grml 0.9 on hd - strange characters after using backspace

Michael Prokop mika at grml.org
Mon Feb 12 21:47:22 CET 2007

* Frank Eisenblaetter <feisenbl at gmx.de> [20070212 20:56]:
> * Sven Guckes <guckes at guckes.net> [070212 17:08]:

> > entering X BS Y combines X and Y
> > to a single, special character.
> > eg a BS " gives you an ä .
> > feature!


> Thank's for the reply. Sometimes it works as you described, but I
> don't find it very comfortably or usefull.

I personally like being able to type characters not being available
on the keyboard. :) If you do not want to use digraphs just
deactivated them.

> Is it corect that it doesn't work with every character, often it only
> prints out two blanks.

> a BS " doesn't work

It's *not*

  a BS "


  a BS :

which gives you an 'ä'.

> X BS Y doesn't work

Sven meant "X" and "Y" as placeholders.

> a BS a results in å
> o BS / results in ø

Just type ':digraphs' to see the digraph mapping in vim. And read
':he digraphs' for more details.

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