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Michael Prokop mika at grml.org
Thu Feb 8 19:46:50 CET 2007

* ][ <mlist4suntong at yahoo.com> [20070208 05:15]:

> I've been trying for several weeks to make my grml USB pen bootable. I
> think  I finally found the problem, quite a simple one -- I need a initrd
> which has findfs to find the root device.

Huh?! grml provides a dialog for building an initrd within grml2hd.
Booting from USB should work stright forward, with grml2hd for hd
installations and grml2usb for grml in live-cd mode on usb devices.

> However, I didn't find a initrd in my grml2hd disk, and neither the
> minirt26.gz borrowed from grml_small_0.3.iso works.

> So, is there anywhere I can get a grml initrd, or I have to build one
> myself? If so, any good source of info for the building?

,---- [ % grml-tips initramfs ]
| Install initrd via initramfs-tools for currently running kernel:
| # update-initramfs -u -t -k $(uname -r)

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