[Grml] BadRam/BadMem Kernelpatch

devzero at web.de devzero at web.de
Sun Oct 29 15:02:15 CET 2006

Hello !

Since grml seems to become more and more THE live-cd for admins, and maybe often being used for recovery purpose to save data from more or less "dead" boxes - did anybody think of taking a look at the BadRam Kernelpatch ?



BadRAM: Linux kernel support for broken RAM modules
Summary: This page proposes an approach to support RAMs with defective addresses, This may open interesting business perspectives, where those RAMs can be sold under a white label for less money rather than discarded of without any profit. 

Objective of the project
My objective is to patch the Linux kernel in such a way that it can handle defective RAM modules. With defective RAM, I mean RAM which has some bits wrong at some (known) addresses. Normally, such RAM is considered useless and thrown away; the larger RAMs get, the higher the chances of failing addresses. With ever growing RAM sizes, it would therefore be pleasant to have an alternative to discarding of defective RAM chips.

Unfortunately, I don`t have personal experience with this patch (yet), but maybe there are people on this list who know that patch already !?

It exists for quite some time and a version for recent 2.6.18 kernel is available.

Also, there exists a spin-off project "BadMem" at http://badmem.sourceforge.net/

something useful for GRML ?

comments ?


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