[Grml] BadRam/BadMem Kernelpatch

Michael Prokop mika at grml.org
Sun Oct 29 23:30:41 CET 2006

* devzero at web.de <devzero at web.de> [20061029 15:12]:

> Since grml seems to become more and more THE live-cd for admins,
> and maybe often being used for recovery purpose to save data from
> more or less "dead" boxes - did anybody think of taking a look at
> the BadRam Kernelpatch ?
> http://rick.vanrein.org/linux/badram/index.html

Yes, I'm aware of that patch.

> Unfortunately, I don`t have personal experience with this patch
> (yet), but maybe there are people on this list who know that patch
> already !?

> It exists for quite some time and a version for recent 2.6.18
> kernel is available.

> Also, there exists a spin-off project "BadMem" at http://badmem.sourceforge.net/

I'm not a real friend of out-of-tree code, especially if it replaces
*existing* code from mainline. *If* such a patch is really desirable
it should be sent to LKML and walk through the review cycle. Any
single patch differing from mainline makes debugging problems
harder, so I'm quite conservative in accepting patches to main

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