[Grml] Remastering GRML with kernel

roland devzero at web.de
Wed Oct 18 00:59:04 CEST 2006

Hello !

I´d like to integrate VMWare Server onto a GRML-CD.

The Remastering-Howto at  http://wiki.grml.org/doku.php?id=remastering is quite nice - but it doesn`t menation what to bear in mind, if i want to rebuild the grml kernel, too !?

When installing vmware server, kernel-source is needed. this doesn`t come with grml, afaik.

so - i need to setup a kernel build environment inside my "grml-copied-to-disk", install kernel-source, apply patches install vmware server and build vmware specific kernel modules with "vmware-config.pl".

is anybody out there who already did this and likes to share his experience ?

any tips would be highly welcome!

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