[Grml] My Grml improvement suggestions

HXC hxc at planet.nl
Tue May 9 15:12:14 CEST 2006

Here are my idea to improve grml even more!

1 Base it on testing (etch)
Forget about unstable. There are enough distro's out there that are 
based on debian unstable. I found them all extremely volatile. You never 
knew what happens next after a dist-upgrade. Debian Etch on the other is 
up to date and without much problems. Another benefit from switching to 
Etch would that the developers have more time on their hand to focus on 
grml instead of fixing the errors in the unstable branch. And grml would 
also stand out more in the excessive amount of debian distro's 
available. So I say remove all unstable repositories! ;-)      Users who 
really want could add them themselves but _i think that debian etch 
shoul be default.

_2 Add an option to install grub instead of lilo with grml2hd.

3 Less windowmanagers please
Grml comes with a whole array of windowmanager most of which are in my 
opion not good enough. I think it will provide more clarity  if the 
amount of windowmanger would be largely decreased. You seem focused on 
fluxbox and I would choose to make that one the default. Thanks to the 
debian apt-get system the other windowsmanagers are just an apt-get 
install away. You could make an oversight in the grml wiki of the 
available windowmanagers and their pro and cons.

I hope this information is helpfull in making grml a better product.  
Good luck!
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